Sunday, November 27, 2011

You are Seriously Demented if..

 You Are Seriously Demented If..

1) Thinking marrying to rich husband/wife will make you look cool..
Sure you look clever but also low and pride-less in the eyes of others( mostly for men) cause you're clinging to someone for money..and easy way of life. Friends, relatives ( yours and hers) will talk behind your back and give you "the eyes" especially during festive seasons where you due to visit them or them to visit you.

2) Destroying your life for former love ?? Seriously ?? That's just a ++ for stupidity..
Just look how many suicide cases nowadays and how many darlings whom subjected their life to drugs and alcohol because of love. They ruined their life because someone has ruined their life earlier.. does that sound demented to you. And plus, life is short, you'll be torture enough when you went to hell after you die. Why want to cut short a little trip you have on earth that will end anytime anyway. You'll realize after too late that your life is more at heaven when you live rather than die. Dead person can't shopping can they ;)

3) Family come after ect ect..duh.unless you already ( in every sense also) like a family with yours truly..
Comments. It's just unless yours truly is really yours then there's no point making it a point of treating him obsessively..there's no point to turn your back on your family for someone who wasn't even sure he wanted to be with you.. never beg yours truly to come back to you or acting foolish when he's the one who wronged you.. not only you're demented if you beg him to come back to you but you also seriously need help..i forgive but i never look back when he don't care..

4) You're ready to take on life when you still haven't earn your penny..
Got this! Life is not easy unless you mommy daddy are super rich. If you're from average family then forget about mending your life when you got theirs to mend. If you're responsible. Nowadays it's hard to see children who gave their family part of their hard earn money. For some of you that idea seems foreign, aye.. but Malays this is part of our culture. Give back your parent reprieve from having to bust their way to make a life out of you. So we give them a part from our salary so they don't have to work extremely hard like they done last time when we're small. So that they can relax a bit with their friends now that we're older and earning. I gave my parents certain sum every months without fail and i make sure my mom got everything she ever wanted within means. She got a nice " Hari Raya" and she got a nice fulfilling life. My mom, dad and family are the greatest. But you're seriously demented if you think, you, with no work and good family wanted to take on life like it was easy. You'll be a burden for people around you for sure, and the worse thing is you know it, you know they talk behind your back, you know they don't want you but you selfishly ignore it because you just want what you want.

will continue..

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