Monday, February 15, 2016

What to eat in Melaka : Qasreena Cafe

Melaka is my hometown. And i live in KL for most of my adult life. So whenever i came back i will treasure my mom's cooking hence the almost none knowledge of good food. But my husband is from KL so i need to find somewhere to bring him. Thus the blogwalking commenced. 

Since i'm not fond of going to the historical area which always jam packed, so i wanted something near to Ayer Keroh area. And i found this place nice as a gem. 

The foods are great and the prices are affordable. I often see the drinks price as my benchmark for affordable. And the normal drinks like Milo, Tea and all that are as affordable as normal gerai. The food also nicely price as you can get the Soto at Rm5.50. The tastes are delicious. My mom ate Soto Nasi Impit and they put fried chicken in it. The combination is superb. I ate the fame Mee racun which actually just a spicy Mee Hailam done right. And their fame Cupid Rose which is Ice cream Soda Bandung and everything taste really delicious. 

The price, the portions, the restaurant itself and the taste all match up to become a 5 star restaurant in my judgement. Even my husband who really particular  is satisfied. So, just waze Qasreena Cafe if you're near Ayer Keroh or Bukit Katil area. 

Our meal that day consisted of Mee Racun - Rm5.50, Nasi Goreng Collesium Rm 8 (big portion), Soto Nasi Impit - Rm5.50, Cupid Rose Soda - Rm4.50, Coke something ( coke float), Lai Chee Kang Rm3.50, Lychee Ice and Fries... some i forgot the price but our total for this was Rm40. 

Qasreena served a lot of food ranging from western, seafood, tradional Malay fare and lots of their own combination.


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