Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Asapanas Bistro Barbecue & Steamboat Buffet, Selayang

Last Friday night we went for bonding nights with my friends and like usual it was my plan..i saw this post on Facebook regarding all you can eat halal buffet steamboat and barbecue for Rm19.90 only and it's near in Selayang. So i call out my army of bff's and ask them for dinner. Since one of them coming down from Penang so we make it Friday night..

First of all i don't really like the barbecue Pan and since they are using this gas stove it's worse. Some side was hot but some side was not so the eating experience was not smooth until towards the end when it's getting hot on my side. But it's big enough and don't have a drain like some Korean barbecue pan which a bonus..


 The selection of food was disappointing. Luckily they have marinated beef, chicken and prawns. It would be nice if they have slices of fish and crab..bottom line the selection was not good and in the end we're just eating prawns and beef..the marinated beef was good with lemon grass but it's a bit too salty..should lessen the salt and it would be really good..

The service and the owner was good and i like them..but the top up was a bit slow since the prawn was the main event..and it's looking not really fresh..

Desert was close to none. There were fruit cock tails which they'll serve you and oranges..no ice cream and the drink was a bit Malay i should say..Sirap and some blue stuff with lime. Anyway i was telling my dear it's what Rm19.90 gave you..luckily the food tastes nicer than the Pandan Indah one..that one was horrible and expensive too..

For those interested to go Asapanas Bistro located behind Esso at the Selayang Stadium..easy to find..

Me and Zura..the others i don't have time to capture..too bz eating..he he

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