Thursday, December 29, 2011

Uitm Melaka Protest Non-Bumiputra Intake

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I'm not saying i'm into politics or taking part in any protest by posting my opinion on this. It's just i'm a by product of Uitm itself even though my Campus is much more strict and i would like to say better than Melaka Campus..ha ha don't get cooked up k guys..

First of all i'm opposing this protest because for me a lot of stuff you should put in fate's hand. When you're protesting an issue like this you open up a channel for other races to scorn Bumiputera/ Malays at large. And i can guaranteed that not all Malays share the notion of this protest. I mean let's face it..the harder we were push to the wall, the better we will survive and evolve. But if we kept on being feed, we'll become lazy and never move on to work it better. 

Let's just seen other nations..example America.. their tax is high, expenses also high and their pay also high..see how many invention they made, how many scholars and intelligent people came from America..because they got so intense competition..if you fail to be the best than you'll be the one waits for you and no one will change the educations schemes so you can pass and the ratings of pass students will be such things..they set the parameters high and expect you to work on it..
Then Japan..they work so schematic and'll see how that islands, volcanic, soft peoples can invent a lot of stuff and set their status high up with other big nations. Why can they do that and not us? What we don't have that they do?

The answer is they have to compete to be the best..If there's competition than people will trying harder to overcome the other party in a healthy ways. Same as if Uitm opening their doors to other. Then competition will be created thus making sure that only the best, smart, hardworking and quality people will be enroll. 

This will ensure higher standard of education, peoples and country as a whole..wouldn't it be better..

Last time peoples will be proud to be chosen into a University but nowadays they rather choose Colleges because of the higher standard since they normally follows International standard. Work together as one nation and we'll strive higher but if one race continues to resent each other then how we going to stay in one boat and still afloat.. think about it.. 

Malaysians are Malaysians no matter what colours, races or religions..


  1. You are absolutely correct. As an American in Malaysia, I find the blatant, lawful, racism disgusting. And the policies haven't lifted people up, they've kept them down. Look at the wealthiest Malaysians - they are predominantly Chinese and Indian. The policies are a failure, and don't prepare Malays for the global world at all.

  2. Haha, nice to hear an objective voice from a Malay.

  3. Hi there, a simple write up of your thoughts on the subject. Lets hope in the future more malays/bumiputeras feel this way and there will not be another such "protest". It breeds hate and makes non malays start to believe slowly that all bumiputera are agianst them

  4. hmm..i think a lot of Malays do feel this way..and i can tell you that from my daily observation on the road, there's a lot of us driving imported cars( meaning successful and rich to boot) but we tend to stay away from the lime light which some others craved.. we avoid political views, we avoid talking about it and we forge good relationship with other races as friends and we took our family at most importance.. you can even see now lots of mixed marriage in our, it's all not lost if you stay away from watching too much local political's full of father still sitting down with his Chinese and Indian friend at the same table and drink his Nescafe..

  5. Agree with u frnd... avoid political in education field....

  6. Good to hear that there is hope left in this country. This is a political ploy to charge malay whose advantage? The govt is determined to make the nation hapless and to rely on them forever by giving them crumbs if the land when they have the fats of the land.....

  7. alaaaaa. ni gambar Julai 2008 . dah lame kot. asal nak kecoh2 plak...

  8. Very well said... Like you mentioned its the oppinion of the minority few and I am glad to know that there are open minded people like yourself who are open to competition and improvement. Regardless of race, religion or nationality...a person is judged based on the good deeds or the bad things that he or she does. A person is not judged by being malay or non malay, christian. muslim, buddhist or hindu. We are all born equal and must be treated equally and respected equally. Peace not hate.... sabahanboy

  9. I hate racism... I hate UITM...although I'm a graduate from that uni but I hate that uni alot... now I'm pursuing my Master Degree at other private uni...NO way im gonna set foot in that racist uni again..

  10. We Malays and Bumiputras deserve it as privileged. Learn what is UiTM from the roots, no issue at all. And you, Raphael, finally you have graduated from racist Uni with flying color huh? Congratulation anyway. I hope UiTM have taught you much on how to put some respect and be thankful.

    1. Deserved privileged? are you guys some kind of retarded people? Looks like it.. Do you get discounts going to public toilet too?


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