Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2 - The Game of Shadows


Last night after done strolling One Utama the whole day we went for a movie. I love Sherlock Holmes..i've read almost all his book that i can get my hand to..but the first movie really sucks..and truthfully i don't have higher expectation for this one..

But wonder oh wonder..it turns out to be a good movie..love it ..even thought if you read the books you'll get the impression of Sherlock to be cool man ( not erratic like Robert portrayed him to be)  and Dr.Watson more like an old wise man with belly not a crazy like Jude Law ( i loves Jude Law..so handsome)..but anyway movie should be fun so people will see it right..when you read the books it's your own imagination playing.. 

Overall it was nice effects, nice actions and nice acting.. i'll certainly buy the DVD and see it again..

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