Thursday, December 15, 2011

Malaysian News - Politics and more Politics

I think i have not read newspaper for almost 2 months plus..even if i read it, i'll go straight to the Gadgets section and cartoon section (i just adored Garfield)...

I mean could you see any news that worth our time ? to quench our thirst for real news where we suppose to know what happen to the world, to people of Malaysia instead of having to endure all those political dramas. I mean come on keep on arguing bout the same old stuff again and again..

We know you take the bribe, we know you want to be the reps for the next election and we do know you are everything you say you're just shut the hell up and give way to real news la.. 

Some more have guts to say you've done all the best for Malaysian..but did you see the road i'm traveling everyday got all those potholes.. and i have to pay for expensive daily products..and all those taxes i have to pay even when i went out to eat..arghh..and there's the issue bout the public transport..try to solve that and other issues instead of spending our tax payer money to go on holiday overseas or to buy bigger house than your neighbor..

And then there's those bodies found murdered, shot, mutilated and ect ect.. aiyoo, is Malaysia not safe anymore for us ? on the news, in the paper we'll read about the dead body turns out but never the killer being caught.. and even if the killer been caught, the court would take years for trial which in the end we'll forgot the horrors of the murdered victims..who knows what happen to the convicted, aye..

That's the whole i'm not going to read newspaper and see tv reason for me.. It's just disappointing to fill in your days with horrors of murdered victims and political nonsense and as such i better off not seeing it at all..i guess it's sort of downgrading my social speech to mere ignorance but i'll take that over seeing those annoying things..

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