Sunday, January 8, 2012

Broga Hill + Sg Tekali Waterfall

sunrise at Broga Hill..damn nice..worth the sweats

Wahh so tired oh..

First of all don't believe anything you saw at the blog. I learn my lesson the hard way today. Ha ha..luckily it don't deter us from conquering Broga Hill (almost..ha ha we didn't get to the main peak but close enough)..

I'll uploaded pictures tomorrow but i gonna write this post up today so i won't forget the details. 

I was up at 4 a.m this morning and from Sri Damansara we drive to Melawati to pick up my friend. As we really don't know the road there and only see GPS and based on other blogs. But all of them point out of using Kajang - Semenyih road. They never said you can take up the Hulu Langat Road which is far easier, no toll and nearer also. 

ha ha i know bad drawing but at least give u a mental pict..and for me to remember also coz we really love the Sg Tekali Waterfall ;)
 P/s : I got the drawing wrong at the beginning where after hospital Ampang you should turn left at the corner of the hotel.. only then you go straight until see junction to Menara bad..he he

From MRR2 ( we were coming from Melawati) instead of so hai so hai drove to Kajang-Semenyih, take junction to Pandan Indah when you see Axis Atrium on your left from the main road. You have to drive through Look Out Point to Pekan Hulu Langat which after straight down the road via Look Out Point at the end of that road you'll see Masjid Hulu Langat at the traffic light on your right hand side. Go straight..if you take left will take you to Gabai Waterfall, if right to AKLEH / KL. Just go straight around 20 min more or less ( the road a bit like when you go up to Look Up Point also) until end of road which you'll have to take right.. you'll see big Dam on your left..just drive'll pass Sg Tekali Waterfall which can be seen from the main road on your right..after that you'll pass Nirvana Memorial..just go straight until end where there's traffic light and mosque in front of you..take left.. drive then after a while ( around 5 min or so - the first junction you'll see) then take left when you see a junction..from there just straight to Broga Hill..around 7 min or so only.. Broga Hill entrance is on the opposite of Rabbit Farm. It's on your left..

actually this was after the climb..going back already

Reaching there from the entrance you'll have to climb up the hill..through a bit of palm oil - forest - steep hill..around 40minutes.. wear sports shoes preferably for climbing purpose cause it was pretty slippery and damn far.. it's not an easy climb up but doable..

Now you see how tough it is to get to the top..don't be fool by the picture shown of the beautiful hill only's really a long way and kind a hard also..

i succeeded in overcoming my fear of height..this was after i went down that steep hill behind me..

 before we went down..

 after the steep rope climbing up..they were too tired to climb another hill..
the real peak..i'm only in the second peak..tak larat dah..sei ooo..
Anyway we were having a blast of time just now..after went down from Broga we had breakfast and went to waterfall.. and it's a damn nice waterfall.. after a hot sweaty it's feel like heaven.. and it's on our way back to KL too..

extreme day for the 4 of dear was so excited also and now suffer with me.. aww, my thigh hurt hu

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