Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mini Myni Mo - Holiday Mode

Went back from Langkawi Holiday the day before Chinese New Year and it was tiring and fattening.. 

Overall only one day raining and it was also for a short while only. I ate a lot of seafood ( meaning very big prawn, fish, crabs..ect) which my least fav foods..i actually started to eat seafood cause my dear was so fond of it and we do went out almost one or twice every month eating all you can eat which consist of..guess what?? SEAFOOD..duhh..and lots of Chocolates..my fav..bring back a tons..he he

Anyway i have to work tomorrow and will be posting on my Langkawi Holiday trip..and if you're planning on going then my posting would be able to help you planning a bit here and there ;)

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