Friday, January 20, 2012

Underworld Awakening

We watched it yesterday nite!

I like Kate and i like the corset and the whole body suit..nice and sexy as hell..

The Story ? Well a bit of unexpected turns going on here..

Let see..human knew Lycans and Vampires existed so came the purged where they clean up Vampires and Lycans..Selene on her way to escape with Michael when they got caught and freeze..

Then after 12 years she got freed and try to find Michael instead she met her daughter.. the Lycans plotting to use her daughter as vaccination for them to be tougher and to withstand the silver bullet..and that's the gist of it as a whole..

What i don't really got? 

All around the movie, Vampires dead and don't dissolve into thin air..

How can Selene have child..duhh

Michael seems weak doesn't much for the mightiest hybrid..

All and all they just trying to revive the Underworld Franchise and next movie surely about them finding Michael coz..yeah, at long last Michael escape and he didn't sense Selene in the same building and bolt out..sighh..can this movie got any more cliche..

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