Thursday, January 26, 2012

Langkawi Chocolates

My Chocolates..yummy..the famous DAIM from Sweeden..i bought Hershey Kisses and Assorted Hershey bars, Toblerone, Ritters Sports (famous also) and Kit Kat. Cadbury is not worth it to buy since the prices more or less than here.. I ate Kit Kat a lot and felt sorry didn't buy a lot of hu..i don't really like Hershey since it was so sweet..even their dark choco was sweet..WTF..

 Daim = Rm14.50 only at The Zon beside Underwater World
          = Rm14.80 at Haji Ismail Group
          = Rm19.90 Airport /Jetty

Toblerone = big Rm 8.90
                = medium Rm11 for 3
                = small Rm10.90 for 6 Free Trade Centre in front Hj Ismail Group

Kit Kat = 1 pack got 3 bar inside Rm 5.90

Hershey = Rm8.90 Kisses
             = Assorted Rm 12 / 3packs Rm 35

Ok , i take back my words on Cadbury's being expensive in Langkawi. I mean the International one. Yup, i saw it's packaging in boxes and price of one around Rm 9 something. That day i went to Masjid India Haniffa, to buy office stuff and seen the exact same chocolates.. guess what? The price was doubled..around Rm 19 something..ha ignore me on expensive Cadburys..

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