Monday, April 9, 2012

Mohd Chan Abdullah Restaurant Wangsa Maju

 Barbeque Pau RM1.70

 Kam Heong Fried Rice Rm 6.50

Wantan Mee with Roast Duck Rm 7

Ham Choy Taufoo Soup / Salted Vege Soup Rm 6 -small

Yesterday we went for Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan again for lunch. We were suppose to look for some gerai that has been featured in Eating program but since we are not really familiar with this place we can't find it. Since my stomach already really hungry than i proposed we eat here since accidentally we saw this place. I know it's well known also for the owner is Chinese Muslim and it serves Chinese Halal Cuisine. 

First of all we took Chicken Dim Sum Rm3.80 which was not been captured since i'm so hungry and only remembered when already in my stomach and dear..but i manage to catch the Pau before it's finish. It was nice..the Dim Sum and also the was so soft and i guess it has been made them self. 

My Roast Duck Wantan Mee tasted really good but my dear said the duck was a bit hard..for me it's perfect as it it..the Fried Rice was a lot and it's spicy and it's good also..and i loves the soup but you should eat it when it's hot otherwise it will taste not so good.

Overall it was so nice and i was full this night lucky for me cause after that we went to my dear aunts our total bill were Rm27 something inclusive water. Mine was Chinese Tea Rm 0.80 and my dear ordered Home Made Flower Tea Rm1.70..

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