Monday, April 2, 2012

Black Sugarcane and Small Mango

My dad is not the type to waste time and do nothing sort of guys so he planted a lot of thing around our house. Since the area quite big so we have our own Mango Tree, Pineapple, 2 types of Sugarcane ( normal and black one) and tapioca,rambutans, bananas and chillies.. i think we also got Jack fruit..

Anyway my bff loves Sugarcane and i was visiting her when i took the pictures.. it's fun to have house in the village and have all these fruits around you.. and since my mom from Perak we got a lot of free Durians when the times come for it cause we have our own plantation.. and not to forget beautiful Paddy field..sighhh...i'm so lucky when i think about have both life in city and village..serene and hectic..what a combo..

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