Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Opportunity Vs The Real Life

Sighh.. i just felt uncertain..i've received one call this morning about new job that i've succeeded to get after the interview i've gone to. It's in PJ and it's far away from where i'm currently based now. But the basic was good and the incentive, oh my (think on 15% EPF contribution by the company and first class hospitalization from private hospital), since they are basically Listed Company but i've said No cause i'm worried about  the distant to travel to work and time consume if i got caught in Traffic i don't need to pay for transport cause i'm 5 min away from home and 20 min if i'm a walking office hour started at 9 a.m till 5.30p.m and i can sleep till 8a.m if i want to..and before 6p.m i've reach house already..not gonna happen if i'm working in PJ..

I hope i'm doing the right thing cause the main thing i reject the offer also because my current boss promise a big raise early July and a big bonus for now increasing sales and also the fact that i won't back down and left certain someone in the office to reap off the benefits while i'm starting over some place unknown. 

I hope i'm doing the right choice and hopefully the big bonus gonna come in and my salary gonna hike up again..with both hand face up..i'm praying for my choice..   

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