Monday, April 2, 2012

Apam Polkadot Recipe - Baking Day

Saw a lot of person baking this desert and the colors were marvelous..  actually this was my first try and i admit i never been any good with i can say i'm moderate la..he he.. so i follow the recipe on a magazine..this month Saji.. they use coloring meanwhile i opted for more nature and using Daun Pandan..sighh..hence the pitiful colors. 

Flour 230grm
Fresh Milk 150ml
1 Tea spoon baking powder
1 Tea spoon Ovellete
Egg 3pcs
Castor Sugar 
Filling like chocolate, jams or anything 

We do not put it in the oven instead we steam it for 10 minutes..i use 12 minutes instead..the nice round thing-y you can achieved by  piping it on the doh..yeah i knew my APAM lack of color and size..anyway at least i try (^;^) he he

I normally bakes something or cooked something on's nice to enjoy eating in and trying new recipes.. and seeing people actually eat it makes you feel proud of yourself..

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