Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Go to Star Hill/Bukit Bintang ( Pavilion) from KLCC

I had tremendous fun and tiring schedule last weekend. My family house in Malacca doing a small gathering inviting some relatives and it's tiring helping my mum prepared everything..

my bff's and her fiancee in da house..

Then Sunday morning woke up pretty early for going back to KL and becoming tourist guide for my bro and his friends..

First stop KLCC Aquaria.. Malaysian need to pay Rm35 for entrance..

 my bro and friends.. he's done his shopping at UniQlo ( shopping so much oh)..he he

And then we wanted to do more shopping so decided on going to Bukit Bintang / Star Hill..well i know that KLCC and Times Square and Sg Wang Plaza in the same area but i don't really know other way than taking back the Putra LRT..but it will be a waste of time if so..then i ask around and get to know another way which is by walking..

Around 20 minutes we arrive behind Pavilion there from KLCC..

HOw ?

First you must go to Aquaria KLCC..then there's a tunnel leading up to the main street and take right when you got out from the building. Immediately you'll see a skywalk. Just use the skywalk and see the sign posted for direction. It was convenient, air cond and totally saving time and money. Around 15/20 minutes you'll arrive at Pavilion and you can descent from there going to whatever shopping complexes you wanted in Bukit Bintang. 

I got 4 clothes, 1 skirt and 1 specs( need new one) and all sponsored by my bro..he he thanks bro for whole day free shopping sprees, eat and sight seeing- that would be thanks to me (^;^)...

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