Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hartz Chicken Buffet - Sunway Pyramid

our first stage ;)

Economical and gastronomical.. ha ha..i got to stop eating buffet all you can eat. It's taking toll on my body already.. i think my weight is up again..

Anyway just now we went to Sunway Pyramid cause we accidentally ( not so) make our self available on that area..and we were so hungry coz it's lunch hour.. so i surf my mobile internet looking for place to eat in Sunway Pyramid since we're heading there and found 2 place which i would like to try. The other place is beside Hartz Chicken Buffet actually..ha ha..

But we choose Hartz since it's all in..2 person Rm51 only. It's chicken buffet with Fried Chicken, Gizzard, Wings, Roasted Chicken ( arrived when we already full and ready to hu), Salad Bar ( i really really love this), Spaghetti, Pasta, Rice, Dessert, Drinks ( coffee, tea, Coke, Orange..worth it) and soup, mashed potato ect ect side dishes.

 see the chicken..they add up and add up..

It's fattening and worth for me. The taste also not so bad is i do say so. But i really like the Salad bar. I think i'm full of it actually.

Nice lunch for me today and truly full even until now night time already..anyway if you wanted economical place to eat and not your usual stuff ( hey there's Old Town nearby with cheaper than this which i always gone to but not today..he he), this is one of the place to be.. all in, drinks, desert and nice view of Sunway Lagoon ferris wheel..ha ha..

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