Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pro-Common Sense from Anwar Hadi

Listen to him..i think our opinion are more or less the same..we're not pro anything, we are just pro common sense...peace you all!!

You rocks dude..i mean there's a lot of people taking advantage of one's fight that is pure at one point and then they lost the true meaning of the fight. So fight for your believe intelligently macam Anwar Hadi ni. This is what he believe so guys just respect it. Masuk rumah orang bagi salam bukan terus pukul dia kan.ha ha.

Anyway i support your view. Sebagai mahasiswa harus bijak meluahkan perjuangan anda supaya perjuangan itu di pandang tinggi . Dignity is important so people will respect your fights..that is a warrior way..

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