Friday, April 20, 2012

PTPTN : Should we pay vs Free and Easy Money

I knew there should be by dozens blogs which giving their own opinion on this matters. Some of if maybe rather harsh and some of it totally backing up the idea of  Not Paying PTPTN. I have vague understanding on this matters cause i hated news nowadays. I just open up STAR to read on the cartoons and TV program.

But it's hard to miss the drama that have been laid out on front page so i take a sneak peek on it. I am one of students who got debt with PTPTN and i'm ashamed to say that i've been not paying them cause i'm pretty not cool with my balance wasn't going down after paying some months during first years i got a job. Now i'm waiting to pay using my EPF /KWSP but i have no time to run up and down EPF and PTPTN..but i'm paying cause i'm the one who has been using the it's a responsibility that i have to take on my own..

I don't agree that we should not paid back PTPTN cause we already got too much leniency in this matter. How many FREE things we want from government. Yup maybe you'll said it's taxpayer money...bla bla bla..and your dad pay tax..bla bla bla..but i don't think most of the students who been receiving PTPTN has dad who paid tax.. that's why we got the loan right ? we don't have dad who can afford to pay tax and paid off our college fees..just saying

If you want to fight, why not fight for grade A students who got pointer more than 3.5/ 4 ( i'm one of hu) don't need to pay the loan. Then it's fair for me. Cause these students study hard and really need to be given reprieve for them to further studies. Only then we can have more professional students in Malaysia who owed his/her country for their success.. and less of them will choose to stay overseas..
FREE things will only make our nation grew weak.. there will be less survival instinct.. only country with a lot of competitor and so little chance end up being a great country..

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