Monday, April 16, 2012

Battleship 2D

Honestly i don't know what's the different between 2d and normal since it's like usual only but because it's much early and the ticket also up Rm1..from Rm12 normal to Rm13 for 2D then we took it..

Honestly the main actor just sucks..Rihanna act better than him - Taylor Kitsch..he just seeing Tom Cruise ( he's bad at wonder only action pack Mission Impossible only succeed) acting..luckily it's an action pack so we got to see less of him acting and more action which saving the movie from total disaster..

And of course we got to see the Alien's face which is rare like so many other movies which don't have budget to create the thumbs up for actions and plot but thumbs down for the main actor..i rather he just shut up and show his muscle..duhh

I love Captain Nagata though..he he

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