Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hot Pot Restaurant & Cafe, Damansara Damai

This was where we both dine out for dinner on Sunday. It was one of our fav spot and we are one of their loyal customer.  We've been eating here since they are using plastic glass until now. Our fav foods and our order mostly the same every time we come..

Gulai Lemak Cili Api Daging Salai ( Smoke Beef with Chili Sauce) Rm7.90 or Rm6.90...can't remember

Black Pepper Lamb Rm6.90

And my fav Desert that inspired me to do the recipe..see my previous baking on Butter Bread Pudding

Rm 4 something..

The deco was awesome but the price were tad bit expensive for Damansara Damai people so not so many people will dine at time. They'll played blues music all the time and it's soothing to just hang out..they got live band sometimes but i don't remember what day.. the portion was not big for such price but the taste won it for me..and i come for their Gulai Lemak Cili Api Daging Salai and the Butter Bread Pudding..

My bill was around Rm32 ++..and if you want to come here it is situated in Damansara Damai. Find Econsave and go down the road from there.. it is at the Shop lot near a workshop..

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  1. Sadly it's already closed..i miss that Daging hu


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