Friday, March 30, 2012

Tony Roma's The Best Ribs in Town

Yesterday night we went for dinner at Tony Roma's Mont Kiara. First time for me to try out ribs..So first came this bread..which actually we never ordered..maybe some sort of complimentary or something..

 Bread with some sort of butter which taste like meat..

Our order..mine was Ribs with Rice and French Fries and dear Ribs with Mashed Potato and Flaming vege( i forgot) he he..anyway i made a wrong move of ordering rice..i should go with Corn on Cobs,,sighhh..menyesal

 Bottomless drink which means you can refill it k..some person just don't know what bottomless means..aiyoo..anyway my dear choose Pineapple (yuk!!) and mine Cranberries (yummy)..
Rm 8.60

Anyway don't be deceive by the words 3 ribs cause i am so full only on my second ribs..i doesn't even finish my fries and the rice was so not nice that i've eat a little of it only. The smoky ribs taste good but not too good and they got in house sauces.. overall 2 person eat here will cost around Rm150++ but it's surely full and satisfying..

I've been makan makan (eating) this couple of months and my weight soaring hu..i guess i should tone down myself this month..hopefully..maybe i become vegetarian instead..ha ha wish !!

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