Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hadramawt - Yemeni and Arabian Food

Last Saturday after my dear finish work we went to eat at Hadramawt Restaurant, Chulan Square..just behind Pavilion Shopping Complex actually since after that we just walk getting there.. Parking behind it cost Rm5 flat rate..

We loves eating Arabian Food or Morrocon or whatever in circle there and usually we went to Tajine Restaurant. But that day we want to eat some place new and my colleague has been bragging about this place for quite some time. 

The place was nice..the deco sort of fancy and a standard dining house whereas our favorite Tajine feel homely and comfy..sighhh.. anyway the waiter was nice and handsome too..ha ha..and we had our lunch served in a jiffy starting with our starter...a SALAD for each of us..

It's really healthy since it doesn't use Thousand Island sauce..he he i think they drop some lemon in here..but  it does taste nice
Rm10 i suppose..

Our next course Mendy Lamb and some kind of soup..i think they come together..the portion quite small compare to Tajine but the taste quite ok..i like the sauce mainly and the soup also quite good.. Mendy lamb Rm22

Then we got Lamb Kebab also Rm22.. sorry if i got the price wrong but it's kinda more or less la

 Finish eating then came our desert ..

Mint Tea - their signature ..even when we went to Tajine we will order i pot of this..really nice.. and that was some kind of their sweet cakes..we kinda just got this so i don't know the price..he he

Anyway our rendezvous today does end up with a full belly and a happy tug of good food..but we still vote for Tajine more..after that we walked to Pavilion..

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