Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sampoorna Restaurant, Brickfields

 Mine was Chicken Briyani

 Bitter Gourd taste spicy..very nice, never think i'll like it

Sweet Lassi..i hate Mango's not sweet at all..not too sour just right..sighhh

On Sunday i just felt like eating Indians Food..bless you, not Mamak type..authentic Indians where else other than Brickfields..It is South Indians Restaurant and it's just really normal restaurant mind you..not so fancy cause else have to walk first i suggested we go to Gems.. but that means we have to walk far and i'm not up to it beneath the hot blazing hu

So we settle for this..eating on banana leaf..he more authentic can it get, right..anyway there's side dishes which they put in big pail where you can top up if you want. Our side dishes were Spicy lamb and Spicy Chicken.. it's nice actually but we don't really finish it's just too much...

All and all we finish up pretty lazy to get up..Price ? for 2 person it's Rm 27 something..he he..

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