Monday, March 5, 2012

Williams Kelana Jaya

 Seafood Risotto Rm40 

Strawberry Yogurt (Mine) and Soda Herb ( Yours Truly) both Rm13

Our whole bill for the night Rm53.. well this is the birthday dinner and we were weighting between Tony Roma's Ribs and Williams. It has been ages since we went to Williams and my friend said he shifted already.  When we got there on Saturday night the old place was gone already and new Chinese Food Market was build.

We were searching for Williams when we saw a lot of person in a restaurant. Yup it's Williams.. a lot of person eating here like usual. The new Williams still in that area, Taman Mayang..just turn around like you going to go out from there and see a lot of there ;) anyway it's in the same area.. 

The Risotto was not nice for me.. the seafood lack the freshness and i was sorry to said that i am quite disappointed with it. Even Soda Herbs doesn't live up to it's fame.. I asked for Mixed Grill like last time we Crab, Prawns, Squid, Fish and ect2 but they don't do it anymore. Instead mixed grill now consist of Duck, Beef and ect ect for Rm 40 (small) and Rm50(big).. 

Anyway i won't stop going there cause there's a lot of dishes i want to try ;) 

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