Monday, March 26, 2012

Rak Thai Restaurant Amcorp Mall

 Thai Rice or something..forget already Rm 7 something

Rak Thai Red Ruby with Coconut Milk Rm4

Last Thursday i went to Amcorp first time ;) and because i'm so hungry i mini miny mo choosing a place to eat..and end up's like an authentic Thai and i just thought why not.. 

I don't know what to eat and seeing their menu there's a lot to choose on..cause i'm a sucker for chicken and beef i choose this dish..mainly cause i see the chicken picture really nice..he he..and when i ate it, it's really good..the chicken was nice with the's sour more like thousand island but not so.. 

And i love the desert ;) so overall it's an ok place to eat if you suddenly end up in Amcorp Mall and have no clue on which place to choose..

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