Monday, March 26, 2012

Is it Worth it to be ANGRY ?

2 weeks back we went for a course and the speaker speak on anger.. i guess it was stuck with me and i kept on remembering what she said..

She said there's no use of us getting angry at someone cause most of the times that person don't even know you are angry at him/her - meaning : nowadays people make it a habit to post on Facebook or tweet tweet when they feel really angry with someone..i've seen a lot of my friends also like that ( including me /(^.^)\ ) ha ha when you think about it, it's correct also..

It's you who felt the bitterness and suffer when you're angry whereas that person don't feel a thing..they don't even know you're mad at them..wasted..

So be classy about it.. and be mature.. i don't think i want to keep in my heart for long mad at someone who doesn't even know / care i'm mad at him.. and Facebook -ing / tweet -tering bout it so not cool.. i rather be cool than childish ( that's for underage only)..he he

I rather agree that Facebook has been platform for showing off and it's worrying when you started to post silly pictures of yourself..or pictures with lovers in eye bugging manner.. cause most of parents now also have Facebook and monitoring their think about how they feel when you posted all those pictures of you kissing , smooching and grabbing..for all to see..cousins, uncles, family members..that's just demeaning..

So girls especially..think about the future rather than present might break up or he can cheat you whilst you posted those happy moments with him and think about how humiliating when he drop the bomb cause you already told the world your un-dying love to a prick .. think of the future more when engage in social networking..

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