Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Little Taiwan - One Utama

It's more of a Franchise and like any other Franchise you'll be taught how to cook but it will depend on the particular /learner talent to make it good. Before we take a seat one of the waiter told us the food will serve in 15 to 20 minutes. And we said ok since we were practically hungry and after all that jam and trying to find parking spot, we need refueling before  get on to business..ha ha..so this was the closer to our entered door..

First they give you the menu and a sheet to fill in your order.Just like Old Town White Coffee ( I love Old Town) and they leave us alone..yesterday was quite hectic with the Christmas holiday and all and it's hard to catch the waitress eyes once we done. The drink quite pricey starting from Rm3.90 to Rm8.90 ( they like the 90 cent..duhh) and i ordered Honey Lemon Jasmine Tea ( Rm4.90 ) and Shaved Ice (Rm8.90) with everything for my companion..

The shaved ice i think the main satisfaction in this dine out. See those white ball..it will pop in your mouth and there will be some kind of liquid in it. Taste like lychee but then my taste buds not the best after i drank my Honey Lemon Jasmine Tea which short of awful.

Next to arrived was Hot Ramen..it's hot, spicy and big..the bowl was quite big with the tag price of Rm10.90 ( around that).. It's actually nice..

After around half an hour or so..i'm actually starting to walk out..only my order come..Braised Beef Shank Set Rm 16.90.. It's awful and not good.. the beef came cold even though you'll see it on a hot plate.. i guess i enjoy they tiny salad more than the main course.. and i don't finished it..that's yours truly job i'm afraid..huhu..anyway it's really a waste and disappointment.. 

Overall i will not enter this restaurant again unless to eat their shaved ice..

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