Friday, December 30, 2011

Shackled to The Toilet

Nowadays Facebook is one of medium that give us a glance at the important news in our country. For someone like me who hated to read papers ( coz a lot of rubbish in it) other than to see cartoons and sales then to see interesting headlines on specific news will do.

There's a lot of pressure coming in for families and person  with the economic downturn and with higher prices of goods. Recently i felt the heat from it when i went to buy wet stuff to cook for Dongzhi Festive. Just imagine if myself who got better income than average people with no apparent burden such as mortgage and debts end up feeling rather hard about the prices. How would middle income family who got a lot on their plates feels then ?

I know there will be a lot of sides who will take this chance to go forward and blame this guy for shackling his kids. But what if you got no other choice in securing your child's life. What if it's true that these 2 kids are really naughty and his father afraid they would hurt them self while  he's away for a job that suppose to feed them.

I'm not saying i agreed with his method though, but sometimes we can't judge right..we do not live in his life so we don't know how he's suffering.. last time our parents hit us as punishment when we do wrongful stuff and we remember it as lesson learn..but nowadays when parent punish their children for their sake, the children will tell that they're being abused.. that's why we can see younger generation more weaker, morally lacking and easily dismissing their parents..

Just remember how many teenagers running away from their house and make it to the paper.. the 2 Indians boys..the Chinese girls..the Malays also..and when they came back instead of lashing out and punish them, the parents hugging them and crying...

I've been hit by belt and hanger when i'm small to teach me of respect and my mistake ( they never hug me after that, just left me to think of my mistake)..and strokes of Rotan from my teacher for not completing assignment or being naughty.. i don't resent them ( yeah, afraid sometimes) and i am thankful cause they taught me if i do bad thing, i should be ready for the consequences as well ..

So, don't judge this father if you only read the news and do not know about him at all..give equal chances to people even when they make mistakes..there's a lot of undue influence making this stuff happen isn't can blame government for the increasing price of daily items making this father have to work hard, you can blame his employer for giving him a small salary making him unable to afford baby sitter and you can blame his wife for leaving him with the kids..

You can blame everybody for one mistake..but in the end how you going to solve it what's matter..

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