Monday, December 5, 2011

Sakae Sushi

On Saturday we went out for lunch and it's not near to my house. We end up in Star Hill ( Bukit Bintang ) on Saturday. Can you imagine it. Busy Saturday and in the middle of town. We pretty clueless on what to eat. At first we tried to find out if there's any good food court around the area but to our dismay and with growling stomach there's none which suits our taste. They have awesome food courts at the ground floor of Lot 10 if you like Porky Pork so much.. but nah.. i'm not eating that..ever..

So at last we went to Fahrenheit and see Sakae Sushi and decided to just eat over there.. 

We serve what we eat..their motto..and actually it's not really an expensive Japanese Sushi outlet.  More or less like Sushi King but better in terms of food and maybe price. They using the plate system as well and the lowest plate cost you Rm1.99. And i love that they put Edamame on that plate. Just imagine Rm1.99 for Edamame. Even at Sushi King it's around Rm5. And their Salmon Maki ( Salmon my fav) at Rm3. Cheap right.. some more we've tried their set which got Udon, Chawa Mushi, Sashimi and Sushi which cost less than Rm30. The food were nice and fresh. 

But i just don't like their Ocha( green tea)..they gave me a tea beg ( theirs brand) and there a pipe for a hot water beside your table so you don't have to call out the waitress to help you fill in. But the things that i don't like was the tea taste. It felt like wheat tea or something. Don't get me wrong, i love tea..more than coffee nowadays but this tea is just not the kind i'll enjoy. I drink a lot of other like Chinese Cha Wong, Tie Guan Yin and ect ect..English Tea like Earl Grey, Darjeeling..mixed up peach and whatever..but this tea just out of the question..

Anyway overall it's great ambiance, great food and great company.. For 2 person our bill for that day around Rm55 only.. So, i knew it's nice and worth for you guys who looking for good cheap sushi..why not try Sakae Sushi!! 

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