Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Protective Boyfriend!

  Dengeki Daisy..loves protective Daisy..sighh..dreamy 

I knew..Cliche right..well i just saw one video posted by a friend at Facebook..a video from Youtube.. a boyfriend arguing and ripping his girlfriend bikini( yup,heard me right..bikini ) in a middle of Tv interview and got people filming it. I know that the boyfriend was mad about her showing herself in bikini but then it's her boyfriend who really take the cake by showing her body to the world. 

I, i realize you're so pissed off but at least show it in the right way..not humiliating your girl friend in front of the whole world..i love protective's what differentiate them from boys.. but be a Daisy will yeah..

There's a lot of plus thing for having a protective boyfriend that i love so much..'ll feel loves all the time with him protecting you and you'll feel proud of it..

2nd..proud to show to your friend that your boyfriend is so protective of need for you to pretend cause he will unconsciously protect you and care for you since it's his nature..sigh...ahhh can count on him to always be there for you..when he can that is..but he will always be there for you..this is what you like about him..

Anyway in books they always called by Alpha Male..

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