Friday, December 9, 2011


What does it means?

They say family stays together no matter what happen.. they say FRIEND will end..but FAMILY will love you forever. But family does tend to have it ups and down..from time to time but always " air di cincang tak akan putus" .. Malays believe in this and thus a lot of us carries happy mine..

my dad and mum ( he he my dad got part mom part chinese..did they look like that..ha ha)

I also believe in GENES what's make your family.. i guess just see how many Malays believe in lots of children mean prosperity and see at Chinese who prefer less children cause they don't have time to leave from making their money grow. As a result a lot of Malays in the golden age will relax, lots of children giving money every months, gardening and play with cucu cicit whilst Chinese still work their heart out even when they should be relaxing and enjoy life..

My dad is restless..always doing stuff and always m.i.a..ha ha..

 mom, my 2 younger bros and my niece, Sinbei..

my older bro..i got 2 more bros..

So left us only to went around with my mom..we gone shopping, sight seeing, bowling and ect ect.. my mom is happily a housewife.. and she won't get bored since we put on ASTRO and also cause my niece Sinbei is there to make her tired everyday..and during weekend she always away from house and going somewhere curtsey to my bros..

Anyway, your behavior will always took on from your mom and dad since they are the closes example for you in being a human. 

Agree or not ? I see this a lot..

So, if you coming from snobbish family the percentage of you being one is really huge. And if you hate your mom probably you yourself more or less like her. For those who had good outside influence, friends they may turn out better since they get good example here on but for those who got as bad as influence as they family already are then.. 

So mom and your child and show them a good example cause your behavior will took on our child afterwards.. if you behave like crack they won't respect you and when you're old you'll be left alone...

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