Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crypto Quotes

I am way back on my reading list..i've been re-reading all time favorites this couple of weeks. And i started getting crazy over what my dear bought for me , Cryptogram Quotes book. It was challenging as hell and i was mulling over it this couple of days and proud to say i've solve a lot of it.

Cryptogram is really sneaky and hard. You have to guess and be really intuitive. And of course patient. They will give you one alphabet and a lot of empty boxes to fill in. It's a sort of mind game that i love. And i'll finish up the entire book and buy a new year resolution..ha ha

..oh my gosh...   

My facebook buddy just told me that Katie Macalister new book was out and she got the ebooks..yeah..i so love Facebook.. at the time like this..ha ha..

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