Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sawarabina Cafe,Tasik Titiwangsa

We've been here for Zura's birthday celebration on 6.9.2011..Wan actually suggested this place as we are totally lost on where to celebrate our special girl birthday..he we went there to try on Arabian dishes. Personally me and bb got our special place in Bukit Bintang which we go when we feel like eating those eastern cuisine ;) but what the heck..just try on new stuff one in a while doesn't hurt, right..

Ok the birthday girl with her cake.. and that was our food. Wan already ordered for us.. Chicken Briyani and also Lamb Briyani since we was late. Ok, the food were so so and it's not really kick or tasty. It's just ok for me. I think people come here for it's environment and the open air concept at the Titiwangsa Lake just sold them out. Not for the food though..

Anyway like i always said i often enjoy the company even when the food is bad and anyhow at least i got to try a lot of places and i can tell people that i've been to so many places and try many things..that is life isn't it..excitement and interesting..i want to enjoy it and i pity someone who doesn't got to try anything because they aim for something absurd and just hurting themself ..and also live in denial..that just so pathetic you guys just live life and enjoy it to the fullest..xoxo

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