Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Was Sick


Yesterday and Sunday.

I was like writhing in pain cause maybe i caught on some stomach bug. But as hated as i am to be sick, i like the care i get. Ha ha it's like you lose some and win some right. The moment you caught sick then you know how people get scared for you and care about you. 

I told my mom i was sick first thing in the morning yesterday and she has been calling me several times after that checking up on me. Even saying wanted to come to KL checking up on me. She's always so anxious and worried..make me feel all guilty telling her i am not well..

Zura kept Ym-ing me and Shida kept sms-ing me asking how am i. And i knew if they're near they'll take care of me also. And Ju call me this morning asking me do i feel better already or not. So sweet of them..anyways babes i am ok and thanks for your concerned. 

Love you all k..muahh..

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