Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Trip Melaka


Beginning of our journey..

It's kind a funny to quote "Holiday Trip Melaka" since my hometown is in Melaka. I love Melaka and anyone would love it here since its practically a small state. For those who not really use to Melaka well this state is easy. There are several section which tourist need to know in order to save time and save money when touring Melaka.

If you travel by bus to Melaka then there are 2 routes which when you bought your ticket you can request the right one so it can save your time. Ask for bus whom taking Air Keroh routes since it will be closer to Melaka town and places of interest. Another bus routes is through Alor Gajah/Simpang Empat which will waste you another 45 minutes to arrive at Melaka Town /Melaka Central Bus Station. 

If you're going to A Famosa Resort take the bus to Alor Gajah/Simpang Empat. 

Like i said Melaka basicly have 2 areas which people or tourist basically go. Banda Hilir which consist all the historical sites and landscape..the Taming Sari Tower , Melaka River Cruise, Melaka Fort ect..another place is Air Keroh which consist Zoo, Crocodile Farm, Butterfly Park..i mean it's like family paying entertainment things. So a lot of person will just gone to Banda Hilir instead. 

If you're on a budget just get a bus to travel around from Melaka Sentral. The fare is cheaper and you don't have to be expert cause each bus got their label on where they're going. You can even ask the locals which bus to take. 

First stop was A'Famosa Fort. Usually we went up from behind through St Paul Hill cause it is much nearer than the front entrance.

Inside the A'Famosa..all the stones carved with history..

Fooling around at the local gift stalls

Then we gone down to the Fountain near the Stadhuys. My mom always wanted to take a picture here..

Eating Cendol at the stall beside the river..just across the road from the Fountain.. ha ha..that's me stealing my baby bro ice cream cendol..i only ordered normal one..ceh..

Newly rebuild fort just beside the river..we were walking pass the windmill from the Cendol stall..

Then there's this replica of "Kincir Air" which suppose to be one more historical mark in Melaka..

If you wanted to be in the cruise here's the fare..well it's not expensive and the whole family can afford it..

Me at the Ship..inside this ship there's thousands more replica of ships..

Well that's about it..surely my facebook album photos got more than 100 pictures which is sillier and alive than this. Ha ha..anyway since we park our car just in front of the Ship then our adventure ends here. This is our day trip to Banda Hilir, Melaka..officially..ha ha..

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