Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Eid Adha

This festive is to celebrate the sacrifice done by Nabi Ibrahim in the pass. When god ask him to sacrifice his son to him in the act to determine whether he's willing to abide by gods rules and to show to all that god always have mercy on us and know whats best.

The pilgrimage act as a remembrance of the occasion.  We all have to sacrifice something in life and we should do it with a good heart. I hope a family won't break up because of an outsider and a guy won't broken up cause his world has been shaken a little. 

Know this whoever done wrong to a living being they will be subjected to KARMA of life in the end. When you make life a man a living hell, in the end god will give you such thing here on earth. Better do good on people around you without expecting something back and hope you can live peacefully and happily through out the end. 

Just remember life is short. God borrow you this life. Why not make ur life meaningful and happy. Why not make everyone around you happy as well..

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