Friday, November 18, 2011

Corn Flakes Madu

Healthy snack for me..well i got this 1 bottle of honey and uneaten corn flakes and i bought butter the other day. So i am made myself Honeyed Corn Flakes. It's so easy and it's delicious. I even made myself another round yesterday. The picture shown was my first round..

First, heat up the butter in a pan or wok or anything la..then add up honey and spray some salt ( a bit only) so you will get that sweet salty taste. I like it that way. If you just want the sweetness no need to put salt. After that immediately put your corn flakes and stir it. Don't burn your butter + honey mix. So you need to work quickly. You can also add nuts or anything. 

Then it's finish. You can put it in cup or any cute presentation you can think. Since i'm just making it my snack so no need for fancy stuff aye.. he he..if you so itchy to taste it while it's still in your pan then you'll feel it's not crispy..sort like lemau la..but don't worry after it's cold it will be as crispy and so tasty..

I like to eat it while drinking milk..ahh.. so nice..

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