Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bored..lunch hour

So many post in one day means i am totally utterly insanely bored..i done my work and i need to wait for other person work's to be hands down to me before i can start gettin busy. So i have this time that needed to be use and i am in mood to here you are a couple of post in short hours..

I've taken this pictures when i am bored also.. ha ha..

Bb bought it for me last week i think..cute all those weather to tick inside when you want to write. I told him i played Angry Bird on Facebook and when went to buy his comic he seen this and bought for me.. but thoughts is all that matter ;) and i like it also..

 From Langkawi.. plus with the mug..ha ha..

Ferrero Rondnoir and Ferrero Garden..curtsey of Nurul Syazni..thanks babe ;)

Honestly i don't like Ferrero Rocher cause it got nuts all over it and bb know that to so he always bought me Cadbury Gold. But i gotta tell you, Rond Noir & Garden are compulsory to try . Garden is made from coconut and it's white in colour with coconut flakes all over it. So creamy and delicious whereas Rond Nor is made from dark chocolate with a hint of bitterness and almond inside. Hmm simply mouth watering.. see those 2 gold colour Rocher..i haven't eaten it yet.. I just finished up my whole bunch of birthday present's chocolate..hmm maybe that's the reason for my weight gain..ha ha..

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