Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Sunday- Pusat Sains Negara


Officially Sunday. Where should we go today. Hmm.. now we both having breakfast at Nasi Kandar Sedap, Sri Damansara. The environment here pretty good and the wifi pretty fast. But after this where we should go.. no idea.. ha ha..let's see what's my master mind plan for me today :)

So i was checking out google for any place in KL where we haven't gone to. Hmm Tugu Negara..checked..Taman Tasik..checked..and then i seen Pusat Sains Negara and we haven't been there yet.
This is our plan for today and my fellow crime mate agreed with it and let me tell you this, he enjoyed it more than i am..ha ha..

 Me & my love of my life, My Nikon

We tried different experiments and played a lot of instrument. There even a big piano that you can step on and there's sound coming out. I got a video of me playing hopping on it..ha so fun..and admittance to Pusat Sains Negara is just Rm 3 (normal), Rm6 ( + robotic exhibition) + another Rm8 if you want to go in Dinosaur exhibition which we don't want. The robotic exhibition just sucks with a lot of cannot be used. 
  Merry me!!

Did you know that outside the Pusat Sains Negara got playground quite similar like KLCC with water and all. I think it's free also but there's no person since i guess a lot of them don't know there's such place existed. There are also Butterfly house and a park near the entrance.

 The Park - Biodiversity Area..

The playground..with a shallow pool for water play..nice and fun

Overall it was really fun day out. Luckily we went there quite early since the time we got to the car the rain was pouring like hell. But anyhow it was fun, entertaining, learning experience. I've been there during my school days time.. and forgot to mention that at the entrance there's a big aquarium on top of your head..ha ha.. now you got a lot of choices of place to go on this school holiday..

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