Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ice Skating

We've gone here on March this year. I remember it's suppose to be someone birthday. Ha ha..and we do applied leave to get cheaper price that day. It was one of the thing i wanted to try and i admit i am not very good at it. But at least i've gone to skate. Simaa bought a cute gloves for us..with a bear outside..kawaiee..and we had a very happy time skating (her) me-trying..ha ha..

Posing cutely my dearest bff..

There's a locker over there to put your stuff and there's no time limit for you to skate. It's just there will be breaks between time for them to smooth over the ice. But the price for the ticket is surely worth it for the whole day. Then again it's better to go on weekdays since you practically own the ring and you can skate or fall ( wink wink ) without limits to space..

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