Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flaming Steamboat Buffet Setapak

Actually i'm in the middle of doing my project but then i open up my email and seen this deal. And i am anxious to share my experience here. We went there during fasting month and let me tell you, there's a lot of person. Luckily we booked our place. The variety is wide and we really satisfied cause beside steamboat they also got a lot of side dishes which will make you full. All You Can Eat place will have this tactics since they want to make you full.

So there's desert bar with ice cream, kuih muih, self service drink and ABC and also heavy stuff like spaghetti, mee and some nuggets and so on..

 see that.. nuggets, fried dumpling..

 here you see mee, rice and there's my crab..ect ect..

lots of sauce also

So in my inbox there's a good deal for eating here for the deal from Everyday.Com. Deal at Rm16.90 per person. I think the deal quite worth it.. 

Now i need to continue my work..ohhh..hmm

Mood : TGIF Katy Perry

P/s : When i open my email this morning i saw Groupon also do the same deal with less RM1.. Rm15.90 per person.. consumer really won in this want more cheaper by a ringgit visit Groupon link here

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