Thursday, November 24, 2011

Desa Parkcity Steamboat

One of our most frequent place cause it's near and it's pretty there. There's a lake with fishes and also eatery. So it's like a lepak point also la. This steamboat not buffet but the Tom Yam soup really good. And they even supply you with home made sauce which you can add to your soup if you want it spicier than it has been.. but i warn you if you're just a sissy eater than don't even think of looking at the extra sauce provided in the small jar. Well since i am pretty much a hard core in spicy-nest ( same like my dear friend there) we add up quite a big glop on our soup and also as sauce.  


So the price is quite expensive for steamboat..we take one person set and add up another soup for Rm2. I don't really eat a lot on steamboat so we still came out full. I have tried the beef set, the fish set also kind a nice. I like the fish. Anyway even for 2 person taking the total bil would be around Rm40+. But as long as the taste nice and fresh i have no objection against it and it's always pack even on weekdays night. 

Anyway this is another eating out spot i would like to introduce to you all..

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