Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Babbling nonsense have been my guilty pleasure of fav past time for a long time. What can i say when i have such an active mind and a lot to blurt out so that i am not taking any rubbish in my brain..well that's really out of the line but hey ..who's my blog so i do whatever hell i want..right..

Holiday have been fun..we've been to Banda Hilir, Melaka for a day trip which was awesome and fun and then i have to help my bff arranged her function on Sunday and only left Monday free which by the way the day i need to get back to KL. 

Since it's Eid Adha and my dad bought fresh meat for my mom to cook "Rendang Daging" and he also bought some cow bones..yeay love it "Sup Tulang" of my favorite and my dad cooked it..'s really good..hmm ..still can taste dad is the best ;)

Yesterday i was on MC..huhu..maybe i over eat the meat and the weather kind of i got migraine knocking on my head door..and i was so pissed at my colleague cause she's disturbing my beauty sleep with her shouting..damn..but it sorts of ruining my mood..but then i got this cute angry bird book..much smaller than the last one i got but it's kawaiee..don't know what i should write in it..hmm..he he but i got a lot of thoughts..and for the first time in history we've gone to Karaoke..ha ha..really don't expect that time will come but it happened yesterday..xoxo

Nice huh happy back..

Well, now i am waiting for my turn to lunch and i don't know what to do.. this morning only 2 meetings had pass for me..but it's cool..and now back to desk mood..hmm blogging kind a ok.. need to update all the blogs with new ideas and input anyway..gotta think on where else to go also for weekend.. need to sweat..wonder wonder where we should go..

Mood : Thinking..

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