Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Blues..



Brain drain. I've been thinking couples of ideas to make everyone satisfy but i'm stuck on the last one. There's a meeting schedule at 4 and i'm eating my honey cornflakes for ideas. You know what they said, " Sugar can give your brain a booze" ..see Hitman Reborn also where the technician ate lolipop the whole time, even invent a lolipop machine..

But i am really stuck with the last idea. Luckily it's Friday..i can go home and mopping for the whole weekend. Hu hu..

Anyway ..i like to use this word a lot these days.. i am in no mood to tolerate anyone foolish enough to cross me in any type of medium you'll trying to use. Be it grapevines, socials or any other methods your shallow brain is thinking. Thank you very much. And i hope you'll understand my English fair enough as well. I just hate potty mouth..

Yeah i am babbling nonsense again anyway..anyhow there's always 2 sides of story in everything. My side your side.. even your ears got 2 right.. so be a Bao Zheng ( yeah i like that drama, so what!!) and be fair.. for whose don't know Bao Zheng -Judge Bao, Google it la..aiyo..

Hmm well i said my part and believe me i don't like people messing with my life so i will try not to mess with anyone life also starting from now..if i make mistake in the past ( my bffs take note) please forgive me dear, babes and guys.. sometimes i just get carried away..

Anyway ( yup, my vocab limited today) i need to go back thinking since i got around half an hour before the meeting and i have to do the presentation also..bless me huh..ta ta ti ti tu tu..huhu

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