Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Walk Down The Earth with Your Head Down Low

This quote was so strong that it build a sense of peacefulness and down to earth feeling.  It urged us speak politely if we wanted people look at our lips with awe..not because of cosmetic but because of what they have been using for..to utter words of kindness and politeness.. people won't remember us for what brand of lipstick we use isn't it!!

For lovely eyes..don't see what's bad in a person or what's wrong with him/her..see what kindness he has shown you..and admit you also not perfect as he is..

No need to diet, just give away your food or stuff for the needy one..the terms here not about the actual size you are now in but how other person look at you..you don't want to be " That stingy fat person" in the eyes of others..you want to be "That nice chubby angel" in their eyes..not that you should hope for compliment anyway..that's just wrong..

For beautiful hair ..some people hates kids..they are not patient with them and often felt it is better not to have child of their own..but having kids around means more responsibility and more of everything.. it will make you more matured and at the same time will make you more soft and nice..a child who like to touch your hair also means you are easily approach and  if a child like you so thus will other people.. but sometimes reality is the opposite.. don't be fool by appearance nowadays.. anyway god have powers to take away that pretender in a time least expected..

Knowing that you never alone will make you felt more confident about yourself..family, friends - real deal and lover who will support you in any conditions.. with the knowledge of having them you already a winner.. but just make sure they are real deal.. not sincere and acting as name only doesn't really count here..

A person.. need more pushing, caring, helping and love more than anything. they need to be forgive..their story need to be heard and they need to be given advise.. not a person should be abandoned and toss away especially from their family.. and a person who destroyed one's happiness will in exchange suffer for it afterwards.. Karma is shitty cause it just know how to get you when least expected and when you already in terrible condition yourself..

Is there a crime so big that you got toss away from your family because an outsider whispers words of poison. Because your family trust those poison more than they trust you?? because they don't want to walk along beside you and hold your hand through it.. because they feel losing you is much better than helping you?? or because they think an outsider can replace their long time family member.. the truth will eventually come out ..but in the meantime everyone should be given a chance to be heard and to redeem them self.. no one should be thrown out , not from your own family..

If you need a helping hand you'll find it in your self. You got to stand on your own.. cause in the end all you have is your self also..but when you got older and more stronger..you can lend others a hand too..don't go helping others when you barely made it yourself..cause you'll eventually burnt yourself and won't be effective in helping either..

The Conclusion : Don't wronged other person cause they might just think to get even..and live life.. be thankful for what you got and appreciate person next to you..

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