Friday, November 4, 2011

Look Out Point Ulu Langat

Look Out Point..on my list..yeay..went already..ha know i'm sort of ticking my list pretty quickly. I went there on February..time flew quickly isn't it..anyway here is another place that have been conquer by the great ME!! just fibs that "great" thing..i'm more like cool ( start to dream and SS already..ha ha) anyway that daytime we've gone to Sg Gabai waterfall and i was like so tired..wanna know why?? see my later post on Sg Gabai Waterfall trip k ;) and still have to count stairs here..sob sob..

Anyway we decide to choose Panorama Restaurant since it's on the very top of the Look Out Point. And see what's behind my gurl Simaa..yeah , the restaurant got their own Look Out huh and they ask me to dine up there and i just said thanks guys but i prefer to have my feet at the ground..pity them ( i'm heights fobic) but hey i got us great table right with my command..ha ha..

See how nice our table was. We got to dine and see besides us ( get this, without obstruction of tables or any sort) the wonderful view of cool is that..

 Our drinks..i take the expansive drink with all the fruits since i'm paying..he he..the umbrella drink must be Simaa's..

Lamb Steak..

Since we're paying for the view so the food was really normal - can eat but not savor it slowly kind of stuff.. they got local dishes as well but according to Shida it's sucks.. and the price is not in The Ship's league which is fine for me. The steak's price below Rm20 and overall our bill for 4 person was Rm100++..which by the way acceptable by me. You just have to make this one of the place on your list cause the view and environment is simply romantic and breath taking..

Offical website of Look Out Point for direction on how to go ;)

Mood : Yeah still playing Adele Someone Like You..i'm starting to remember the lyrics ;)

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