Thursday, November 10, 2011

Medan Ikan Bakar Melaka

We actually went there on June cause my bff Shida got engaged. That's her in the red baju kurung (help her choose also along with her fiancee), isn't she sweet. She got a house beside the beach at Tg Bidara and this was taken just after the function ended.Me and bb loves beaches so much.. 

 Nice shot!!

At night we were out hunting for food again and this time we gone for seafood. Not my fav but hey it is Malaysian way to eat hard and to laugh loud. So we went to Medan Ikan Bakar ??? ..ha ha i am quite confuse but i think it's Umbai one not Serkam.I've been there from small and shamefully i don't know the way either. But if you're there and need me to recommend which stall you should go for..pick the no 1 stall and you got to be there early. They sold out fast and they're really good. Unfortunately we are not fortunate and we've gone to no 10 stall which was ok also. Not so many person since a lot of them chosen the first empty place they could get. 
  Mr Syazwan with the 3rd Nasi lemak???  OMG..

The lovebird..

 I chubby..anyway i lose my weight already k..with so many eating out almost all the times..i'm suffering..huhu

Anyway if you ever get to Melaka go and eat our seafood. Prepared fresh and the price is worth it. Ours that day for 12 person barely Rm200++.. with Mr Syazwan swallowing a lot of Nasi Lemak, fishes, squids, prawns and that shell thingy..not cockles but the green colour one..huh..don't want to got the idea la..

Man looking back at my previous wonder i gained weight..should i stop eating or trying new places..nahh...impossible..

Mood : At CC don't know what else to do ;)

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