Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah


Since bb is busy with meeting so i eat in the office today. And actually it was suppose to be my dinner last night but i'm kind of trying to not eat at night. And usually if i don't buy anything to eat so does him. So i just ask him to buy for me Ayam Berempah but i don't eat it... so it's my lunch for today..

Nuking it..

Since my office got microwave then i just need to nuke it and my lunch will be as hot as just prepared..ha ha..nice huh..

Just finished nuke..

My lunch hot choco ;) enjoyed

This Nasi Ayam Berempah is so delicious that they just open up a shop in front of the stall they using. Wow right and the price is reasonable with big chicken part and also lots of rice. Just Rm5..really worth it. If you all would like to try it just head to Damansara Damai Flat Sri Idaman i think. You have to pass Max Value on your left hand side and then you'll see the flat. You'll see the shop lot and look for shop named Nasi Kukus Utara. 

Since they open up a shop you can also go there for lunch ( we've been there one time since we're near)..he he..and thanks bb for this lunch and for rushing to fetch me yesterday after work for scared i got caught in rain..xoxo..hope your meeting went well ;)

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