Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Damn,The Drama Getting Hot!

 tired of the drama in real life?? let's sleep on it..

The weather's hot and so does the drama.. I love drama.. i love how they can add up special effect to the story to spice it up. I love the way the episode going on to hundred and new character keep coming out.. 

Ha ha i even love the meddlesome supporting actors/actress who diligently played their parts..sometimes without knowing what they are fighting for.. they just make sure they became the full support of the main actress/heroine unbeknownst  of the entire ploy/story. Sometimes i felt like really pity on them.

And some more if the heroine ( we thought she was) played it nicely like she's the little angel who got hurt. I really salute that actress. Ha ha like those Korean Drama.hmm yeah Brilliant Legacy..wow..her step sister was really devil in disguise. Make people who act as watchers wanted to vomit at her act.. 

In this world there's a lot of Drama. But when it's in real life a lot come at stake. Sometimes watchers may just act as one even when they knew the whole story a lot better than the supporting actress whom relying on one source of the story only. In life i often regret being a watcher.. but sometimes i know it's for the best. Worst thing could happen to a liar even without my interruption. God does it, so does Karma...
You know sometimes we're in a situation where people can curse you and make your life hell..i don't mean those witch craft thing, which by the way don't ever tried it.. i mean when people said it, when they hate you so much.. then the blessing of life will left you..especially when the person who curse you is someone you've wronged..god won't answer the prayer of the wrong doer kan.. 

In a situation, there's a doubt in what could have been done to prevent it from happening and you didn't take the precaution or just wanted it to happen, no one can be blame for your own carelessness..or the fact that you intent it to happen secretly... but when the plan fail to put you in the very spot you wanted, you started to blame everyone especially someone who already look guilty in the eyes of others. Then, he's the easy victim, isn't it. I guess that's what happen when our mind still developing the sense of pros and cons.. I guess i learn how one act can lead to dire consequences through my experience and age. 

But sometimes, it's tiring to teach or advise someone else to do the same..to think the consequences of what they are doing in the long run.. not only to them self but to other people around them..especially to the one they hurt..or they say they love..sometimes you said you hate that person, but in time you'll become the very person you hate.. you'll act like that and you won't realize it.. cause hate make people blind..

Remember..actions define words..does your action define your love..ask yourself that!!

Mood : It's raining ..listening to Justin Lo Tough Life..

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