Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tajine Restaurant Bukit Bintang

As i told in my last post on Sawarabina Cafe, Tasik Titiwangsa , both me and him prefer Tajine more in terms of Arabian/Lebanon cuisine. And anywhere you go for these type of food you will be force to share your plate with a second person. The portion is too much for me. So i had to ask for another plate. We ordered Mandi Lamb which by the way just like a Briyani dish and you got a soup with it. Rich soup and quite tasty. The price for this as i'm not wrong is Rm23 or Rm26..below Rm30. Then we ordered Super Mixed Grilled which got Chicken, Lamb, Fries and i think got lamb cutlet priced at Rm 30++. Anyhow it's worth it for both of us. Then we drink Moroccan Mint Tea which cost Rm10 per pot.

 I'am asking for a small plate cause we're sharing ..

Mandi Lamb + Super Mixed Grilled

Overall our bill was Rm 80something. Anyway silly me for not remembering the price but anyhow as i said it's quite worth it in terms of the taste and environment. It's in Bukit Bintang and you can't expect it to be cheap moreover when you were dishing in a fancy restaurant ;) anyway i should recommend you all to try The Ship ( i had taken a picture in front of The Ship, Penang too ) in Bukit Bintang as well as it is known as the best amongst it's outlet.   

The Ship Penang and it's really a ship ..ha ha..taken when i'm working outstation + holiday ( sure take advantage la ..ha ha)

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